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Envious Existence

The ENVIOUS Series, Book 3

Sometimes love is so strong, not even death can stop it.

The world I thought I understood...

The man I thought I knew...

Nothing is the same.

​​Sandy spent most of her life in a toxic friendship with a girl  who wanted her dead. Finally free, she now has a chance for happiness with the man she loves. Eric is back in her life, and everything should be right between them...but nothing is what it seems.  

Eric has been keeping a dangerous secret. One that threatens their lives and the futures of those they love.  

A secret that changes everything.  

Their world has become a different place, with complex rules and terrifying dangers.   

But there is a way out.  Their only hope for survival is to make a deal with Aurora.  But can Sandy trust the girl who tried to kill her, the girl who still wants her dead?  

Love will be tested. 
Trust will be broken. 
And truths will be revealed.

Available in Ebook and paperback.

Envious Existence Book 3 in The Envious Series. Sometimes love is so strong not even death can stop it.


The "Envious" novel series has just begun, but there is much more in store for Sandy.

Works in Progress

I am always finding inspiration for new stories and for the established ones, so prepare to see more very soon!

The Envious Series, by Katie Keller-Nieman. Fantasy romance psychological must read book series. Lightning, book covers

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