The Envious Series, by Katie Keller-Nieman. Fantasy romance psychological must read book series. Lightning, book covers


The "Envious" novel series has just begun, but there is much more in store for Sandy.

Works in Progress

I am always finding inspiration for new stories and for the established ones, so prepare to see more very soon!

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Comic Books

My storytelling takes on a new dimension with the addition of graphic art.

Envious Deception

The ENVIOUS Series, Book 4

Some mistakes can never be forgiven.​​

Envious Obsession, book 3 in The Envious Series. Romance fantasy psychological
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​​We have a deal.  
A simple trade is all we need to secure our safety in this life, only leaving us vulnerable in the next.  
But nothing is ever simple when it comes to magic.  

Time is running out to make the trade with Aurora, a trade we aren’t sure is a safe bet. In our search for answers, new visions surface. We find more secrets, as well as truths we never could have imagined.   

The visions become dangerous in unexpected ways. They threaten our health. They change our perspective of the past. And they change us.   

Eric is not the same. With each vision we share, he slips further from the boy I once knew.  Aurora warned him against me. I had thought she lied or exaggerated. Now I’m not so sure.   

I thought I knew why she hated me, but I was wrong.  
Her hate runs deeper than envy. And maybe she has every right to want me dead.  
Maybe death is what I deserve.

*Contains mature language and themes.