The "Envious" novel series has just begun, but there is much more in store for Sandy.

About the Author

Katie is from upstate New York.
​Known to space-out on many occasions, her family and friends thought her odd, distracted and bored. On the contrary, she was living out another life in her head, much like Sandy*. Katie-land it was dubbed by those annoyed individuals she had inadvertently pissed off. A place where anything could happen, other worlds and exciting characters existed. Plots formed, and a book was written. Then another, and another, and you get the drift. Eventually those characters made it out of her head and into something tangible, their stories readable, and now everyone can go to Katie-land.

​In addition to writing novels, she is a published comic book author and artist.

The Envious Series is now available in print and Kindle edition on amazon.com!

​*Want to know who Sandy is? Read Envious.

Katie Keller-Nieman


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Katie Keller-Nieman, Author of The Envious Series, an addictive must read fantasy, romance psychological book series.

Author of The Envious Series


The Envious Series, by Katie Keller-Nieman. Fantasy romance psychological must read book series. Lightning, book covers

Comic Books

My storytelling takes on a new dimension with the addition of graphic art.

Works in Progress

I am always finding inspiration for new stories and for the established ones, so prepare to see more very soon!

My novel series, "Envious" has been called a "must read"!

 Be sure to look for it in stores and online!