"The struggles that they all go through are so real and so raw, you'll want to go inside their world and hug them (or slap them, depending). This book and its predecessor could very well be some of the best novels of this generation!"

-Kelly Smith Reviews

Envious Existence, Katie Keller-Nieman, The Envious Series, Hush, Blonde girl with knife, Fantasy Romance, Strong Female Lead

Coming 2019!

The Envious Series, Volume 4​

Envious Obsession

Comic Books

My storytelling takes on a new dimension with the addition of graphic art.

Some mistakes can never be forgiven.

The Envious Series, by Katie Keller-Nieman. Fantasy romance psychological must read book series. Lightning, book covers


The "Envious" novel series has just begun, but there is much more in store for Sandy.

Works in Progress

I am always finding inspiration for new stories and for the established ones, so prepare to see more very soon!

"I have an addiction...Katie Keller-Nieman's writing!"

-Avid Reader